There are some cocktail drinks that are very easy to make yet has that elegant look.  Among these drinks is the very popular martini drink.  The martini cocktail drink is an alcoholic beverage that uses colorless spirits such as gin or vodka, along with vermouth and garnishes and served on a martini glass.  The original concoction is the use of gin.  However, since gin has a taste of juniper berries, thus, vodka seems to be the most popular choice for some as vodka is both a colorless and tasteless spirit.

The martini drink has been widely popularized by the fictional spy character, James Bond 007.  A character created by Ian Fleming.  On many James Bond movies, you will notice him ordering a martini with a particular request – or more like preference – asking that his martini be shaken and not stirred.  What many do not know about James Bond’s martini is that it is not actually the original version of the martini, but more like a variation as the concoction uses vodka for the alcoholic spirit instead of the traditional gin alcoholic spirit.  The vodka martini is very much a martini although sometimes it is called as vesper you can also check how to make a vodka martini page on minhas or check their twitter account for more martini recipes and news.

If you want to make a vodka martini, you will need to prepare all the necessary ingredients first.

Ice – lots of ice
Vodka – colorless and odorless alcoholic spirit
Vermouth – aromatized wine
Martini Glass – chilled for best results
Metal Shaker – for shaking cocktails
Garnish – olives, lemon twist, lemon peel

Place ice into the cocktail shaker and pour in the amounts of vodka and vermouth necessary to make your concoction.  Shake the contents well.  Shaking the content vigorously ensures that the contents gets in touch with the ice and thereby acquiring the temperature of the ice, but not long enough for the liquid content to get diluted by the ice.

Once fully shaken, pour and strain the contents into a martini glass.  Garnish the contents with olive, lemon peel, or lemon twist.

Shaken – this is the preferred choice of preparation by James Bond.  Due to this, many are taking his examples and choosing their drinks to be shaken and not stirred.  This process of preparing martini makes the content much colder.  This is the more preferred method for vodka martini.

Stirred – stirring the martini gets the content aerated and thus makes the content more flavorful.  Gin gets bruised when shaken so stirring is the best option when serving martini using gin.

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