Gin is a spirit type of alcoholic beverage which has been around since the middle ages.  Gin has a unique flavor and this flavor basically comes from the adding of juniper berries into the drink.  Of all alcoholic spirits, gin is easily the most popular as well as the most widely consumed alcoholic spirit around the world.  It is the preferred drink of people who belongs to the working class.

The very origin of gin is unknown.  However, most experts are in agreement that gin started somewhere in Europe, possibly Holland or Belgium.

Gin is colorless which is why it is among the favorites of bartenders for use in the making of cocktails.  Gin is very similar to vodka and is thus considered as flavored vodka.  Both gin and vodka are hard to tell apart when they are bottled as they are both clear and colorless.  It is their taste and smell that allows you to tell them apart.

Not all gin tastes the same.  The infusing of botanicals and other herbs and spices gives each brand of gin its unique form.  Distillers have their own recipes and techniques in the adding of flavors in their gin.  What makes gin very distinct, however, is its flavor that comes from juniper berries.  This is always the taste that you notice when drinking gin.

There are three forms of gin you may come across with:

13931201-mmmainGin – this is the juniper-flavored drink that gets its flavors when it is still a neutral spirit.  Its predominant flavor is the juniper berries.

Distilled Gin – this is the redistilling of the alcoholic drink with an alcoholic percentage of 96 percent.  This has some botanicals present in its flavors but still retains the juniper berry flavor as its predominant flavor.  If the flavoring is added onto the spirit only, then it is not distilled gin.

London Gin – this type of gin has 100 percent alcoholic percentage.  The flavors found in London gin is added only when redistilling the spirit.  London gin is distributed with 70 proof.  London gins do not contain coloring, sweeteners, or any ingredients.  The term “dry” is associated with London Gin.

When it comes to cocktail drinks, it is hard to imagine not having any gin.  Gin is the most used spirit in cocktail mixing next to vodka.  There are numerous cocktail drinks that makes use of vodka with martini being the most notable one.

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