How to Make Martini with Vodka

There are some cocktail drinks that are very easy to make yet has that elegant look.  Among these drinks is the very popular martini drink.  The martini cocktail drink is an alcoholic beverage that uses colorless spirits such as gin or vodka, along with vermouth and garnishes and served on a martini glass.  The original concoction is the use of gin.  However, since gin has a taste of juniper berries, thus, vodka seems to be the most popular choice for some as vodka is both a colorless and tasteless spirit.

The martini drink has been widely popularized by the fictional spy character, James Bond 007.  A character created by Ian Fleming.  On many James Bond movies, you will notice him ordering a martini with a particular request – or more like preference – asking that his martini be shaken and not stirred.  What many do not know about James Bond’s martini is that it is not actually the original version of the martini, but more like a variation as the concoction uses vodka for the alcoholic spirit instead of the traditional gin alcoholic spirit.  The vodka martini is very much a martini although sometimes it is called as vesper you can also check how to make a vodka martini page on minhas or check their twitter account for more martini recipes and news.

If you want to make a vodka martini, you will need to prepare all the necessary ingredients first.

Ice – lots of ice
Vodka – colorless and odorless alcoholic spirit
Vermouth – aromatized wine
Martini Glass – chilled for best results
Metal Shaker – for shaking cocktails
Garnish – olives, lemon twist, lemon peel

Place ice into the cocktail shaker and pour in the amounts of vodka and vermouth necessary to make your concoction.  Shake the contents well.  Shaking the content vigorously ensures that the contents gets in touch with the ice and thereby acquiring the temperature of the ice, but not long enough for the liquid content to get diluted by the ice.

Once fully shaken, pour and strain the contents into a martini glass.  Garnish the contents with olive, lemon peel, or lemon twist.

Shaken – this is the preferred choice of preparation by James Bond.  Due to this, many are taking his examples and choosing their drinks to be shaken and not stirred.  This process of preparing martini makes the content much colder.  This is the more preferred method for vodka martini.

Stirred – stirring the martini gets the content aerated and thus makes the content more flavorful.  Gin gets bruised when shaken so stirring is the best option when serving martini using gin.

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A Brief Overview Of Rum

rum-photo-from-pussers-siteRum is a spirit type of alcoholic beverage that is made using fermented sugarcane juice.  This type of alcoholic beverage has often been associated with pirates, merchants, and slave traders that sailed across the Caribbean.

Rums of past have potent smell and taste which was not appealing for many.  These days, through premium production lines, the strong taste and smell, and the fiery finish of rum have all on most parts been removed.  These days, you will find a lot of rum distillers on all corners of the planet.  It has been estimated there are nearly 1,500 varieties of rum.  Still, some of the best rum comes from where the drink originated – the Caribbean.

There are many factors that can make rum different.  This includes color, viscosity, taste, and quality.  The reason behind this difference comes from the fermenting process, the material used, the yeast used, the water used, the spices used, the additives used, the type of sugarcane used, and the aging process all contributes in creating differences between rums from all over the world.

Rum is made initially from the harvesting of sugarcanes.  Sugarcanes are then crushed to extract their juices.  The pulp from the extracting of sugarcane juice is then dried up to be used in the heating of the distilling tanks.  The nectar of sugarcanes is then fermented to make it alcoholic.  The fermenting process differs with each distiller as there are different variation that can be involved within this process.  Nevertheless, the main process of fermenting is to convert the sugars within the sugarcane nectar into alcohol.

Under strict laboratory conditions, the nectar coming from the sugarcane gets fermented to become alcoholic.  This alcoholic brew then gets distilled in order to produce the spirit.  This alcoholic spirit is about 70-95 percent alcohol and is too potent to drink.  The distillate is then stored in wooden barrels to be aged.  This helps alter some of the characteristics of the distillate.

Depending on the distiller, they may add some fruits, herbs, and spices during aging to create that unique product that is theirs.  Once the rum has been fully aged, distilled water is added to the alcohol to dilute it before it is sent to the manufacturing line for bottling.  There are some rum though that do not undergo aging as they are diluted and sent off to the distribution process immediately after distilling.  Essentially, these rums are sold fresh the day with which they are made.

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A Brief Overview Of Gin

Gin is a spirit type of alcoholic beverage which has been around since the middle ages.  Gin has a unique flavor and this flavor basically comes from the adding of juniper berries into the drink.  Of all alcoholic spirits, gin is easily the most popular as well as the most widely consumed alcoholic spirit around the world.  It is the preferred drink of people who belongs to the working class.

The very origin of gin is unknown.  However, most experts are in agreement that gin started somewhere in Europe, possibly Holland or Belgium.

Gin is colorless which is why it is among the favorites of bartenders for use in the making of cocktails.  Gin is very similar to vodka and is thus considered as flavored vodka.  Both gin and vodka are hard to tell apart when they are bottled as they are both clear and colorless.  It is their taste and smell that allows you to tell them apart.

Not all gin tastes the same.  The infusing of botanicals and other herbs and spices gives each brand of gin its unique form.  Distillers have their own recipes and techniques in the adding of flavors in their gin.  What makes gin very distinct, however, is its flavor that comes from juniper berries.  This is always the taste that you notice when drinking gin.

There are three forms of gin you may come across with:

13931201-mmmainGin – this is the juniper-flavored drink that gets its flavors when it is still a neutral spirit.  Its predominant flavor is the juniper berries.

Distilled Gin – this is the redistilling of the alcoholic drink with an alcoholic percentage of 96 percent.  This has some botanicals present in its flavors but still retains the juniper berry flavor as its predominant flavor.  If the flavoring is added onto the spirit only, then it is not distilled gin.

London Gin – this type of gin has 100 percent alcoholic percentage.  The flavors found in London gin is added only when redistilling the spirit.  London gin is distributed with 70 proof.  London gins do not contain coloring, sweeteners, or any ingredients.  The term “dry” is associated with London Gin.

When it comes to cocktail drinks, it is hard to imagine not having any gin.  Gin is the most used spirit in cocktail mixing next to vodka.  There are numerous cocktail drinks that makes use of vodka with martini being the most notable one.

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